YABUNOUSAGI is an entertainment design and production firm. Conceived in 2019 by Claire Matz and Félix Bulcourt, we specialize in storytelling strategy and narrative worlds design, to serve our client’s projects as well as our own.


Our storyworld


The word « YABUNOUSAGI » is the Japanese name of the European hare.


The hare can take care of itself from his birth; it is prolific, fast, resilient, free. Its symbol has always been used to announce renewal. When it is used in a group of three bound by their ears, it is the symbol of time flying and of the link that brings travelers together. Most likely brought from Asia during the 3rd century by the Silk Road, it is the symbol of thinking without borders and positive union of cultures.


This company's ambition is to reunite cultures and practices of entertainment between East and West, and therefore rethink production methods while being freed from traditions and local habits.


We chose this symbol because our business is composed of a symbiosis of three essential components, that we pursue at the same time at appropriate levels.



The Craftsman

Through this World Building service, we offer our skills in strategy and design of strong narrative licenses. In addition to strategic studies, we design and craft narrative, visual and literary bibles for our clients.


The Companion

In order to support projects in the best possible way and ensure their narrative and visual consistency, we offer a Creative Consultant service.

 Our studies and interventions are adapted to the needs of each project, to solve all problems and facilitate their development.


The Creative

We love stories, and we are committed to those that make us dream. We want to share them with as many people as possible.

We produce cross-media works designed within strong and deep narrative worlds.


Our development strategy


In order to develop our narrative strategy skills and design our own tools, since 2019 we’ve been working on the creation of multiple narrative worlds.

Until now, most of our energy has been spent on the component named “the Creative” .


Today, we focus on the component named “the Craftsman”.

Thanks to the learnings of the past, we are now able to apply our methods on our clients’ projects. We offer a work-for-hire service of tailor-made, cross-media storyworlds generation.


A consistent narrative world is the guarantee to be able to produce multiple entertainment products. Because it is hard to respect a storyworld while adapting it to a moving world, we offer a creative consultant service with the component named “the Companion”.


Thanks to the growth of our teams, we aim to produce some of the original IPs that we will develop internally, and achieve the balance we seek between the three components of our company.

Our Values

The place of the viewer:



Nothing is stronger than imagination!

If the narrative work is built within a deep and consistent universe, then the viewers will be able to project themselves into this world well beyond the story that has been told to them. We do not design stories just to entertain, affect and make the spectators think ; we also and above all want to nurture their imaginations and offer them a playground which will be the basis of a growing appetite for all the works developed within this narrative world.

Art applied to industry:



Art doesn't have to be made for itself!

Designing a story is about wanting to reach out to others. We don't want to talk about ourselves or tell stories to ourselves. Art must be at the service of the audience and seek to mark its time. We put our artistic skills at the service of the storyworlds that we develop. What we think is beautiful, what pleases us or amuses us, should not limit our work. Our art is applied to the World Building service that we create for the benefit of stories and viewers.

Licenses and cross-media:



For viewers, the diegesis goes far beyond anything that is said or shown in a single artwork. Therefore, our work cannot be limited to a single story.

A story must fit into a narrative strategy… a license.

From the beginning, we take into account all the potential productions and supports that the storyworld can sustain.

Feature films, series, video games, webseries, books, comics, toys, soft toys, fashion accessories, household ornaments ...

We do not consider the physical objects born from these narrative worlds like simple goodies, but rather like constitutive elements of the storyworld; they are another way for the viewers to immerse themselves in it.

Tools and methods

We developed tools and methods that allow us to create for you consistent World Building, without any limitation of style nor technical pipeline.

Design Methods

Methods of design have long been recognized as an efficient way to improve the creative process and develop innovative ideas. We adapted the methods of aid in creation which have proved their worth in other industrial fields.

DPMT is a creative process organization and management software developed from the research work of Félix Bulcourt. It allows us to co-create, to get a global vision of the workstreams, and to keep track of every creative path that were or could have been developed.
Technical and technological watch

The technologies applicable to the entertainment professions are many and evolve quickly, and they can often be found in other industrial areas. We maintain a permanent technical and technological watch. Every day, we train ourselves with new tools and look for solutions outside our usual professional environment.
Artistic and cultural watch

Because creation does not exist without the knowledge of what already exists, we consider that developing our artistic culture every day is an important part of our work. Relentlessly, we develop our artists' networks to get inspiration from contemporary aesthetics and problematics.





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